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What is binary fission? How does binary fission take place in amoeba?

Binary fission is an asexual mode of reproduction by which a unicellular organism like bacteria and protozoa divides itself to produce two new individuals. Binary fission in amoeba Amoeba reproduces by binary fission. A parent amoeba first divides its nucleus which is followed by constriction of the cytoplasm. Finally, the two new cells of young amoeba are separated. -------------------

Answer questions on teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

We tried to answer all frequently and possible questions on teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases or STIs. We clubbed together the chapter and 3 and 4 for simplicity reasons. We strictly follow the new MBOSE syllabus UNIT  5 Life Skills Education ___________________ CHAPTER 1  TEENAGE PREGNANCY  --------------------------------------------------------------     Teenage dating & teenage pregancy       |  OnlyMyHealth OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS Q1. Early diagnosis of t pregnancy helps a teenager to adjust Emotional and Socially  Emotionally and physically   Physically and intellectually Physically and socially. Q2. A _________ section is an operation to deliver a baby through its mother’s abdominal wall. Answer: caesarian Q3. ______ counseling is highly important in order to prevent teenage pregnancy.  Answer: Contraceptive Q4. _____ mother has a higher prenatal risk during childbearing. Answer: Teenage ANSWER T