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Consumer Education and self-medication All questions answered

In this unit Consumer education frequently asked questions are chronologically arranged for the sake of simplicity and easy to remember by the students. Consumer Education   |     Unit 3 Health Education  | Class 10 You can DOWNLOAD the WHOLE e-notes at the end of the article. Please don't forget to leave a comment to let us know where to improve. UNIT III CONSUMER EDUCATION The unit is divided into three separate chapters: Consumer education -  consumer rights, making correct choices while buying different items, food adulteration System of medicine and quackery Drugs, medicine, and self-medication  Introduction Fill in the blanks: 1. In this modern age of science and technology, man is confronted with many _____  2. In ________ the specialization is generally based on the study of diseases of different organs and organ system. 3. Self-medication is both harmful and ______  4. Choice of food, drugs, and medicine should not be influenc

What would be the colour of the sky if earth had no atmosphere?

(a) Blue (b) Yellow-orange (c) Dark (d) White  Ans: Dark Appeared @ MBOSE SSLC 2019 New Syllabus Explanation - If Sky of the Earth had no atmosphere. See this photo below Sky of the earth as seen from the international space station If the sky of the earth has no atmosphere! The sky of the earth surface has an atmosphere which is filled with water even in the air above right from our feet up to 60 - 90 Km away from us (i.e in the atmosphere) water is present in the form of vapours or gaseous form. The light coming from the sun to us is white in colour. When the white light is allowed to pass through a device called prism it is found that the light which is white is not actually white but a combination of seven different colours come out of the color white. See the photo below to confirm with your own eyes. White light enters from the left side comes out at the other side as a spectrum of seven colors. A prism breaks the white light into seven different c

All questions answered on the disease, health, and family planning in Meghalaya

In this unit, we study diseases, immunity, health and family planning and various health programmes in the country. Disease, health and family planning disease, health and family planning    |      CT Scan UNIT II DISEASES This unit has four great chapters. Chapter 1 deals with immunity and the immune system, chapter 2 deals with National Health programmes. Chapter 3 deals with the importance of people participation in various health programmes and in the last chapter it talks about primary health care in the state and in the country as a whole. Chapter 1: SOME DEFENCE MEASURES AGAINST DISEASES(Immunity and Immunization) WBC play very important roles in the defense of the body from diseases and pathogens Tick the right choice. (Each question carries One Mark) Q1. Germs contain a certain chemical substance called (a)  hemoglobin                    (b) antibodies (c) antigens                           (d) digestive juice Q2. The antibodies pr