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Primary Health Center: health care setup in rural and urban India

This chapter deal with the Primary Health Center and the Health care set up in rural and urban India. Only selected question are published here. Chapter 4: PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER, MEANING ANS SCOPE, HEALTH CARE SET UP IN RURAL AND URBAN AREAS IN INDIA   Health Education Class X Unit II  |   MBOSE syllabus 2018 Markasa  |  PHC Fill in the blanks The ______ is an institution for the promotion of both health and welfare of the people in the area of a Community Development Block [ PHC ] ______ is the smallest agency adapted to serve the public health needs of the smallest rural areas covering a population of 60,000 to 1,00,000. [ A PHC ] A _____ normally looks after a population of 10,000. [ sub-center ] All health services presented by the PHC are channelized to the community through the _____    [sub-centers ] One word question Q1. What is the population that a sub-center usually looks after? Ans. A sub-center usually looks after a population of about 10,000