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Health Edu 'Defense Measure Against Diseases' - Immunity & Immunization unit II class 10 - mbose syllabus

In this chapter on ’Some Defence Measure against Diseases’, we shall study the immune system that our body uses to fight against germs and any foreign particles that enter into the body which may cause diseases. Chapter 1:  SOME DEFENCE MEASURES AGAINST DISEASES(Immunity and Immunization) [UNIT II] Health Education, Class X MBOSE syllabus 2018 Blood cells - RBCs and WBCs        credits: Franklin Institute Some of the important questions from this chapter are given below Tick the right choice. (Each question carries One Mark) Q1. Germs contain a certain chemical substance called (a)  hemoglobin (b) antibodies (c) antigens   (d) digestive juice Q2. The antibodies produce in the body to kill germs and dead germs are surrounded by (a) Red blood cells (b) White Blood Cells (c) Platelets (d) Plasma Q3. TAB inoculation needs to be taken whenever there are cases of (a) Malaria (b) Tuberculosis (c) Cholera (d) Typhoid  Fill in the blanks Q1. Belief and _

Health Education 'Marriage and Family Life' unit 1 class 10 - mbose syllabus

In this chapter, we will study those aspects of marriage and family life. We will be dealing with how the parents of the boy select his bride and how the parents of the girl select her groom. We will be dealing more with the concept of how to make married life happy. Chapter 3: Marriage and Family Life  [UNIT I] Health Education, Class X MBOSE syllabus 2018 From this chapter few questions only are asked in the exams. Prepare well on these top questions given below. Tick the right choice. (Each question carries One Mark) Q1. The benefits of the joint family  ____ Economic help, Refuge in many crises The proper upbringing of children All of the above Q2. Two persons who marry cannot have exactly similar traits. This is related to ___ Adaptability Cooperation Compatibility Common interest Short answer type questions: (Each question carries Two Marks) Q1. Mention any two qualities in the choice of the groom by the parents of a girl. Q2. Mention an

Health Education 'You and Your Family' Unit 1 class 10- mbose syllabus

Health Education topic you and your family falls under the unit I and Chapter 2 of the latest mbose syllabus 2018 This Chapter deals with the relation between you and your family. Chapter 2: You and Your Family  [UNIT I] Health Education, Class X MBOSE syllabus 2018 From this chapter, not many questions will be possible to be asked. Following are the only questions that are usually asked. Fill in the blank: (1 mark) Q1. The traditional family atmosphere allows very little ____ to boys and none to girls Short answer type questions: Each question carries Two Marks Q1. Mention four expectations of your parents from you. Answer Our parents expect us to (i) Have polite manners (ii) Be well groomed (iii) Be respectful to parents and elders and (iv) Be regular in school and do well in studies. Check out other chapters from Unit I: Chapter 1:  How mature are you? Chapter 2:  You and your family Chapter 3:  Marriage and Family life

Health education 'how mature are you'? unit 1 class 10 - mbose syllabus

Chapter 1 of unit 1 of Health Education is about the topic "How mature are you" In this unit, we will study about Growth and Development and in the first chapter of the unit, we will be knowing the different types of maturity that we may encounter as individuals. Chapter 1: How mature are you?  [UNIT I] Health Education, Class X MBOSE syllabus 2018 I listed here all those questions that can be asked in the board exams. I used all the relevant questions and most of them had come in the previous years' examination conducted by the board. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Very Short Answer Type Questions. Tick marks: Q1. Growth and development are  Necessary for adolescents       Lifelong process        Physical phenomenon  Complementary to one another. Q2. Maturity is defined as Growing mature in all processes of life     An abstract idea of growth     Indicative of those levels of achievement which show how one is ready for adult experiences