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Name the organism which lives inside the body of another organism and depend on it for food

The parasites

Define nutrition or What is nutrition?

Ans The process of intake of food, its digestion, absorption and distribution to different parts of the body is called nutrition.

Name the energy-yielding food or nutrients

carbohydrates and fats are called the energy-yielding food or energy-yielding nutrients.

What are nutrients?

Nutrients are those substances such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, etc that help providing raw materials for the growth of the organisms.

What is autotrophic nutrition?

The mode of nutrition of autotrophs is called autotrophic nutrition.

Define autotrophs

Autotrophs are those organisms that can prepare their own food. Examples of autotrophs are plants and some bacteria can synthesize food from the simple inorganic matters of water and carbon dioxide by using the energy of the sunlight.

Name the organisms which can prepare their own food

Autotrophs or producers or photosynthesizing organism.

Name the bodybuilding food or nutrients

Proteins are the bodybuilding food or nutrients.

What is saprophytic nutrition? Give examples

The mode of nutrition of the saprophytes is called saprophytic nutrition.

What are saprotrophs or saprophytes?

Saprotrophs are t hose organisms that obtain their food by eating dead bodies of plants or animals. Examples fungi, mushroom, yeast. Examples fungi, mushroom. They are also called the  saprophytes

Name the organisms that feed on dead bodies of plants or animals

The organisms that feed on dead bodies of plants or animals are called s aprophytes or saprotrophs.

What is the heterotrophic mode of nutrition?

The mode of nutrition of heterotrophs is called heterotrophic mode of nutrition.

What are heterotrophs?

Heterotrophs are those organisms which obtain their food by eating the plants directly (examples deer, rabbits)  or indirectly   by eating other animals that live on plants (examples tiger, lion, snake).